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and the primitive fer●ry to which it was attached was ▓tied up at the western bank.We b●oarded th

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e raft and had all but pu●lled ourselves across when a greetin▓g in our

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own tongue drew our attention to ▓the bungalow.On the veranda stood an● En


glishman, bareheaded and smiling. James s▓prang hastily ashore, leaving




me to br▓ing up the rear—and the knap▓sack; but at the top of the bank he stoppe●d suddenly and grasped me by t●he arm. “Holy dingoes!” he gasped.“D●o my eyes deceive me I’m a Hotten▓tot if it isn’t a white wom●an!” It was, sure enough●.Beside the Englishman stood a y▓outhful memsahib, in snow-white gown.A ●millinery shop could not have l▓ooked more out of place in these blister●ed paddy fields of the Irawaddy delta. ▓“Tro

uble you for a drink of water” I pa▓nted, halting in the shade of the bungalow, ●which, like all dwellings in this region, stood▓ some eight feet above the ground, o●n bamboo stilts. “A drink of water●!” cried the lady, smiling down upon us.“●Do you think we see white men so ofte●n that we let them go as easily as that C▓ome up here at once.” “We’re jus


t● sitting down to lunch,” said the man. 癜I had covers laid for you as soon as ▓you hove in sight.” “Thanks,” I answered▓, “we had lunch three hours ago.” ● “Gr

  • rods ●along the right of 392way, threw up a ridge of● the
  • required height and moved on with his ban▓d to the head of the
  • line.Their trenc▓hes were sharp-cornered, flat-bottomed, a▓nd contained l
  • ittle pagoda-shaped m▓ounds of earth with a tuft of grass
  • on top, by ●which the depth could be estimated. Early in?/li>




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